Messages that you post to SPNbabble can be automatically published to other sites such as Twitter, Friendfeed, Plurk, Tumblr and Facebook.

You will need an account on each social network to which you wish so publish your notices.

Managing your Social Publishing Settings

Each service is accessable via the Connect link on the main menu (you must be logged in to see this link). When you click on this link you will see several tabs, one for each service.


Click the Twitter Tab and enter your Twitter User Name and your Twitter Password.


Click the Friendfeed Tab and enter your Friendfeed User Name and your Friendfeed Remote Key.

Log into your Friendfeed account to obtain your Remote Key.


Click the Plurk Tab and enter your Plurk User Name and your Plurk Password.


Click the Tumblr Tab and enter your Tumblr Email Address and your Tumblr Password.


SPNbabble uses a Facebook application which runs within Facebook. By using the SPNbabble Facebook Application your notices will be displayed on your Facebook page.


Click the Zannel Tab and enter your Zannel User Name and your Zannel Password.


Click the Youare Tab and enter your Youare User Name and your Youare Password.


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